The Future of Freshness!


What is Spacepaste?

The Future of Freshness

Bad breath is a serious turn-off. So what are you to do when gum and mints can’t cover strong odors, replicate that “just brushed” feeling or are inappropriate for certain settings, but carrying toothpaste and a toothbrush around with you just isn’t practical either?

We are pleased to introduce Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go. This revolutionary dehydrated toothpaste tablet provides the same results as traditional toothpaste and can be used in any setting to instantly freshen your breath with or without a toothbrush (or the messy tube). Simply chew the tablet until foamy, swish around in your mouth (or brush) and rinse. Now it’s easier than ever to practice good oral hygiene everywhere you go!

The 15 Second Fix


Evolution of brushing your teeth on-the-go



Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go?

Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go is a revolutionary dehydrated toothpaste tablet that is sweeping the nation as the next innovation in on-the-go oral care. We all know we’re supposed to brush our teeth at least three times a day. But do you? Really?

If you’re like the majority of us, you’ve used any of the following excuses to skip out on that third brushing (or sometimes second brushing - you know who you are):

  • I’m too busy or I forgot.

  • I’ll just use gum or a mint and pretend that the minty flavor killed all the bacteria. I’ll also pretend everyone else around me can’t hear me smacking my gum or chomping my mint like a horse. 

  • I don’t like being seen brushing my teeth in a public place.

  • I don’t like scraping toothpaste off all my stuff when the tube leaks or explodes. 

  • I don’t like getting lint on my toothbrush when I put it in my bag.

  • I don’t like using a travel case for my toothbrush because it doesn’t dry completely and starts growing stuff.

  • I don’t have a place to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste at work or school.

  • I don’t want to buy extra toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste.

  • I’m too sick, tired or injured to get out of bed to brush my teeth.

  • I don’t like the people around me so I’d rather punish them with my bad breath. 

  • Teeth? Who needs them? I’ll just buy more when they all fall out.

With Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go you can stop making excuses and start making your oral health a priority anywhere you go. Spacepaste can be used in seconds and produces results that last hours. Try Spacepaste today and see for yourself why we call it The Future of Freshness!


Spacepaste is great for...

  After Meals

After Meals

  Before Meetings or Appointments 

Before Meetings or Appointments 

  During the big date

During the big date



  After Smoking

After Smoking


Marquese (Nonstop) Scott is the Son of Mars

Find his YouTube Spacepaste video with over 250k views here:



How do I use Spacepaste 

Brushing your teeth on-the-go has never been so easy! To use, simply chew one or two toothpaste tablets with or without water until foamy. Swish around in your mouth (or brush) and rinse. Do not swallow the toothpaste. 


Effective, Powerful, Proven

Results that live up to the claims. In clinical trials, Spacepaste Toothpaste To Go outperformed a leading Fluoride Toothpaste in reducing plaque and demonstrated a significant antimicrobial effect on common oral bacteria.

fluoride free Toothpaste

ExoCyan® Cran, the primary ingredient in Spacepaste, is a patented and highly refined cranberry extract. As opposed to traditional toothpastes that may contain the drug Fluoride, ExoCyan® Cran is a natural alternative with antimicrobial effects to support oral health.

Xylitol and Sodium Bicarbonate

Xylitol, unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, has been used in many dental applications because it essentially starves bacteria before they can grow and multiply. Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is commonly used in oral applications for mouth freshness and plaque removal.



Can I swallow Spacepaste?

Same as with traditional toothpaste, we do not recommend swallowing Spacepaste. You will not grow an alien baby if you do, try to avoid it. Instruct children under 12 years of age in good brushing and rinsing habits to minimize swallowing.  

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