Our first product offering, Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go, is gaining both national attention and distribution as the next innovation in oral care. Carving its own distinctive lane between the gum/mint and toothpaste markets, this chewable toothpaste tablet provides consumers a unique and highly effective option for cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath on the go. Spacepaste has more than 10 years of R&D, immense social appeal and lack of competition.  We also provide relief to distressed regions of the world where a "waterless" and "brushless" solution is needed for clean teeth.


Product Information

We are pleased to introduce Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go (Spacepaste). This revolutionary toothpaste tablet provides the same results as traditional toothpaste and can be used in any setting to instantly freshen your breath with or without a toothbrush (or the messy tube). Whether after meals, before that big meeting or date, at the gym, traveling, camping, etc. - simply chew the tablet, swish around in your mouth (or brush) and rinse. Now it’s easier than ever to practice good oral hygiene anywhere you go. Chew, Swish, Fresh! It’s as simple as that.

Spacepaste has more than 10 years and nearly $1 million invested in R&D to achieve marketability. There is a patent pending for the product since 2011 and contains trade secrets which cannot be disclosed at this time.

In addition to being both convenient and novel, Spacepaste is a product that actually exceeds expectations. In multiple focus groups the most common response noted was how clean and smooth the participants’ teeth felt afterwards and how long the fresh-feeling lingered. The two key ingredients responsible for this plaque-reducing result are Xylitol and ExoCyan® Cran (cranberry extract). Xylitol, unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, has been used in many dental applications because its polyalcoholic properties prohibit it from being an energy source for harmful microorganisms, effectively “starving” bacteria before they can grow and multiply. 

ExoCyan®, the key ingredient in Spacepaste, is a patented and highly refined cranberry extract which supports oral health. In a clinical study performed at the Universite Bordeaux Segalen in 2011[1], researchers tested the effect on dental plaque by using Spacepaste with ExoCyan® Cran versus using traditional toothpaste (Crest® Fluoride Toothpaste). Dental-student volunteers were screened for oral health and given a starting “plaque index” on Day 0 of the trial. During the first phase, participants were not asked to change their daily diet, but were restricted to using Spacepaste three times per day for six weeks as their only form of dentifrice. The plaque scores were collected at the same hours for each volunteer, wherever possible, and at least four hours after brushing in each case. After six weeks, participants completed a 15-day “washout” period. The mean plaque scores after the washout period were very close to that of Day 0, indicating the control was sufficient. Following the washout period, participants were restricted to using traditional toothpaste as their only means of dentifrice for the next six weeks.

Once the test was complete, data was analyzed only from the volunteers who followed the protocol perfectly. The results were extremely promising: “66.5% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of toothpaste tablet, whereas only 38.8% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of Crest® Fluoride Toothpaste.” Furthermore, “after six weeks of use of toothpaste tablets, the average plaque index is lower than that of Day 0, the mean percentage of plaque index being decreased by 17%.” For participants who started with higher plaque scores on Day 0, the mean percentage of plaque index decreased by 34.7%. Comparatively, the average plaque index increased by 3.4% when using the Crest® Fluoride Toothpaste. A further clinical trial was conducted at Loma Linda University in 2011[2]  and demonstrated that Spacepaste has “a significant antimicrobial effect on common oral bacteria.” 

With results that truly live up to their claims, it’s easy to see why Spacepaste is creating noticeable buzz among users. Next generation products and multiple flavor options are currently in R&D. 

[1]  Badet, C. (2011). Study on the influence of using a toothpaste with cranberry extract on dental plaque and on the count of Mutans Streptococci. Universite Bordeaux Segalen. Bordeaux, France. 
[2]  Asbury, J., Roquiz, R.A., Schnieder, C., Novy, B. & Aprecio, R.M. (2011). The Antimicrobial Effects of a Novel Cranberry Extract Dentifrice. Loma Linda University. Loma Linda, CA, USA. 



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