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Why is Spacepaste better than a gum or mint?

Well, for the same reasons traditional toothpaste is better than a gum or mint. Have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth in the morning and had to use gum or mints instead? How did that work out for you, especially as the day progressed? Gums and mints are undoubtedly convenient for short-term masking of odors, but they do not address the root of the problem -- harmful plaque- and odor-causing oral bacteria. Spacepaste is a not a mint, but rather a unique and highly effective toothpaste in a dehydrated tablet form that has demonstrated in clinical trials to have “a significant antimicrobial effect on common oral bacteria.”[1] 

Additionally, have you ever forgotten to throw away your gum or mint and had to hide it throughout an entire meeting or conversation? Or have you ever been or been stuck around “The Chomper” or “The Smacker”? (You know who we’re talking about.) Spend a few seconds using Spacepaste before your important events and save yourself the embarrassment. Also, next time you encounter “The Chomper,” perform a public service and introduce him or her to the Future of Freshness to save all of us the aggravation. 


Does Spacepaste really work?

Absolutely! In addition to being convenient and innovative, Spacepaste has more than 10 years invested into research and development and has exceeded expectations in clinical trials. In multiple focus groups, the most common responses were how clean and smooth the participants’ teeth felt after using Spacepaste and how long the fresh-feeling lingered. 

The key ingredients responsible for these results are ExoCyan® Cran (cranberry extract), Xylitol and Sodium Bicarbonate. ExoCyan® Cran, the primary ingredient in Spacepaste, is a patented and highly refined cranberry extract. As opposed to traditional toothpastes that may contain the drug Fluoride, ExoCyan® Cran is a natural alternative with antimicrobial effects to support oral health. Xylitol, unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, has been used in many dental applications because it essentially starves bacteria before they can grow and multiply. Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is commonly used in oral applications for mouth freshness and plaque removal.

In a clinical study performed in 2011[2], researchers tested the effect on dental plaque by using Spacepaste with ExoCyan® Cran versus a traditional name-brand toothpaste with Fluoride. Dental-student volunteers were screened for oral health and given a starting “plaque index” on the first day of the trial. During the first phase, participants were restricted to using Spacepaste three times per day for six weeks as their only form of toothpaste. Following a 15-day controlled washout period, participants were restricted to using traditional toothpaste three times per day for the next six weeks. 

The results were extremely promising: “66.5% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of tablet toothpaste, whereas only 38.8% of volunteers showed a decrease of the plaque index after the use of [a leading traditional toothpaste with Fluoride].” Furthermore, “after six weeks of use of tablet toothpaste, the average plaque index is lower than that of Day 0, the mean percentage of plaque index being decreased by 17%.” For participants who started with higher plaque scores on Day 0, the mean percentage of plaque index decreased by 34.7%. Comparatively, the average plaque index increased by 3.4% when using the traditional toothpaste with Fluoride. 

[1] Asbury, J., Roquiz, R.A., Schnieder, C., Novy, B. & Aprecio, R.M. (2011). The Antimicrobial Effects of a Novel Cranberry Extract Dentifrice. Loma Linda University. Loma Linda, CA, USA. 
[2] Badet, C. (2011). Study on the influence of using a toothpaste with cranberry extract on dental plaque and on the count of Mutans Streptococci. Universite Bordeaux Segalen. Bordeaux, France.


Can anyone use Spacepaste?

Spacepaste is recommended for adults and children 6 years of age and older. Instruct children under 12 years of age in good brushing and rinsing habits to minimize swallowing. Do not use Spacepaste if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or if you have damaged teeth. If irritation or adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. 


Exocyan® Cran (cranberry extract), Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Calcium Lactate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carrageenan, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Natural Flavors, Aspartame, Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Blue #1 Lake