Humanitarian Aid

Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go is a revolutionary dehydrated toothpaste tablet that provides the same results as traditional toothpaste and can be used in any setting to instantly freshen breath and clean teeth.  In fact, Spacepaste was designed to be used in emergency situations where a "brushless" and "waterless" solution solution would prove to be ideal.  

We give you that reason to "Smile all the time".  A smile exudes confidence and is really noticed by others. But.... what if there was a natural disaster or event that instantly changes your life. Imagine your life without your necessities or running water - yeah things just got real deep didn't they. Together we will make an impact by getting involved with humanitarian aid and projects where Spacepaste is needed the most. We set aside a generous portion of every sale and have strategic sponsors so we can send shipments in the tens of thousands to places where they could use a "brushless" and "waterless" solution for cleaning their teeth.  It gets pretty expensive to ship 30 pound buckets with 20,000 tablets and other much needed necessities to these places - but we do it, and with your help we can do it more. Get involved with our movement and stay fresh!

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Disaster Relief

Disaster strikes around the world everyday. Usually people are left without the comforts of their home and take for granted their personal hygiene.  Tooth decay begins to noticeably build up after 1 day, and can start to cause issues within days.  When you have to leave home, the toothbrush and toothpaste are usually low on the priority list.  Help us bring Spacepaste to thousands of people who are in need everyday.

United States Military

The fine soldiers that protect our very freedom are usually in situations where they have been out for days and could really use a "good" solution to maintain their oral health.  Right now they use something that resembles a stick of gum that disintegrates in their moth and tastes like an M.R.E.  We send Spacepaste to soldiers and service members around the globe which enables them to stay fresh in rather unfresh situations.  The clean sensation is empowering and invigorating, especially for someone who needs it the most.



Emergency Responders

The local unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to public service are always first to respond to emergencies and work very hard in intense situations.  The unwavering valor of those in law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services deserve a quick and easy way to stay fresh.  We provide departments plenty of Spacepaste for everyone to use throughout their day, as these are the people interacting with everyone... and fresh breath makes a difference.  Rather than a gum or mint that mask odors, Spacepaste offers that "just brushed" feeling to those who protect and serve everyday.