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Smile all the time
— Your Conscience
I love Spacepaste It works wonders for me on the go. After you chew the tablets the little particles buff your teeth and leave them squeaky clean.
— Tiffany Q. from New York City, New York
I’ve order this before and still use it. These little, dry tablets are a great way to carry Toothpaste when traveling. I have found I can actually break each tablet in half and use half with a travel toothbrush and my mouth feels super clean and fresh. Which on l4+ hour international flights, can really make you feel like you will survive. Also, I enjoy the security persons “look” when they pull me over to go through my computer bag and realize, I’m telling the truth, I Do Not have a tube of toothpaste stuck down in there. Yes, that’s actually happened - must have been a slow day for them. Thanks for reading my Review!
— Bunny Hill (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)
It makes my teeth super slick and minty clean. Great innovation.
— Steve Ross from Sonoma, California
Just purchased this product. Spacepaste is a great idea that could revolutionize the toothpaste industry.
— T (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)
As another reviewer has said, this is a great product for backpacking/camping. Once you chew just a few times, it’s just like using toothpaste. You still have to brush and spit (as you would with toothpaste!), but it’s super light and mess-free to carry along with you.
— Heidi J (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)
Taste is great, leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean. I bought this as part of an effort to eliminate all liquids and gels from my air travel toiletry kit. I’ll be ordering a couple more packs soon. I was dubious at first, but I’m fully converted. Taste is similar to Colgate meets Orbit peppermint gum. Mouth feel is a little odd when you first chew the tablet but brushing is satisfying and leaves a clean finish. A thorough brushing will not leave you with any gritty residue. I was afraid the tablet would be peppermint flavored compressed baking soda but it is a very pleasant, convenient product. Blister pack prevents any impact from damp toiletry items and I love not having to worry with pulling a baggie out at airport security.
— Tom Jones (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)
My Take on Space Paste:

Space Paste kept my breath feeling fresh and my teeth feeling clean. One hour after “brushing” and I could still taste the Astromint! Here are my top 3 reasons why I will continue to keep Space Paste in my bag:

(1) My breath was fresh for at least an hour after using Space Paste. Unlike gum or some traditional toothpastes, I was confident that my breath was fresh no matter how close I go with someone. (Keep in mind that my day job is research at a local University, with human subjects I find myself sometimes very close to people I have just met!)

(2) My teeth felt clean. Space Paste is far from a breath mint or a gum. My teeth felt like I had just brushed them no matter what I ate for lunch. Sometimes my teeth can feel a little slimy depending on what I eat. With Space Paste, I am confident that not only is my breath fresh, but my teeth are looking clean as well. Trust me, there is nothing I dislike more than a dirty smile.

(3) Space Paste is convenient and discrete. I’d much rather carry around a gum-sized package of Space Paste than a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. Additionally, I can use Space Paste virtually anywhere without feeling like the entire world is watching me brush my teeth. I simply chew up my Space Paste on the way to the restroom, swish a little and rinse while no one is watching. (Although, I have actually demonstrated this process…on more than one occasion!)
— Michelle from Pittsburgh
Great for backpacking .....lightweight, compact and convenient. Just what backpackers are looking for. Not sure why the other poor reviews. Product ingredients are clearly stated and compare to typical toothpastes. Product also clearly states it foams and do not swallow - not because it is poisonous but because the foam really probably upset your stomach. Has a strong minty “Altoid” flavor, but it is dehydrated toothpaste after and the flavor will be intense. This is not a “brushing gum.” You do need to brush your teeth with this tablet. It foams upon chewing, no water needed. I think those writing poor reviews expected gum and no need for a toothbrush. They obviously don’t hike or backpack and understand the awesomeness of such a convenience. And made in the USA!
— Seafan (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)
I actually like this stuff. Easy to carry. Easy to use.
— Nikki (Amazon Verified Purchase Review)